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Original cool

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Caret Down
Meet Stapelstein® with the Original cool, a simple and fun introduction to our world of stacking stones. Featuring three Original elements, this stack lends calm and creativity to your space. Stack, step and float your way to all day play – any way your children imagine.


Caret Down
  • Safe stacking elements: no sharp corners or edges, water-, saliva- and UV-resistant 
  • Stapelstein® Original elements are 0.4 light and can support up to 396 lb in weight
  • Stapelstein® Boards are 0.6 light and can support up to 264 lb    
  • Stapelstein® elements are made of eco-friendly EPP (expandable polypropylene) 
  • Is compatible with all Stapelstein® products 
  • Color of the actual products may differ from that on the screen, due to lighting conditions during product photography and different screen settings. 

Play safely

Caret Down

If you want to use Stapelstein® products for balance games and for courses, it is best to do so on a level and non-slip surface. Stack the Stapelstein® elements only as high as you feel safe. We recommend that you stack a maximum of 3 elements if you want to climb a tower on foot.

Products from Stapelstein® are waterproof and can be taken into the water. However, they do not replace a buoyancy aid! Young children must be supervised when playing in the water with products from Stapelstein®.

Pointed objects and surfaces such as scissors, stones, knives, nails, wire or small pointed children's teeth can leave permanent marks on Stapelstein® products. Particularly severe damage can affect the stability.

Maximum load Stapelstein® Original: 396 lbs
Maximum load Stapelstein® Board: 264 lbs

Download instructions here

Made in Germany

Original cool
Original cool
Caret Down

0.4 lb light, 396 lb strong

indoor & outdoor

Free from pollutants

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
This is your sign. BUY it now!

We love ours! My 19 month old incorporates it to almost all his play sessions, with his blocks, pretend cooking on it, humps for his cars etc. super worth the money.

Hannah Munoz

The kids love it so much!

All Stapelstein® elements have the impressive ability to transform any room. Whether your child creates a playground full of adventure, an obstacle course or a fantasy world, there’s no limits to what they can create.

Inspiration for application:

  • Build life-size stacking worlds
  • Create balance obstacles
  • Turn them into a flexible stool to reach new heights
  • Sort and organize items
  • Use them for activities like yoga, throwing and catching
  • Have fun with water games in the bathtub, pool or sea
  • Drum on the elements and make music
  • Turn them into a teaching moment: Learn colors, numbers and grammar

Designed to promote a child’s development

Our products are made to support: motor skills, social and emotional development, cognitive skills and concentration and endurance. How? By offering the offering the opportunity to promote balance, ignite imaginative play and creativity, and increasing body awareness and activity through play and everyday usage.

seals from stapelstein seals from stapelstein

What makes Stapelstein® special?

All of our products are modular and can be combined with each other. Stapelstein® elements are durable and made to last and they’re developed by experts in education and design.

All Stapelstein® elements are made from resource-saving EPP. The plastic is 100% recyclable and also free from blowing agents, plasticizers or other additives.

They are robust and can therefore also be used outdoors. After playing, they can be cleaned with a brush, water and, if necessary, soap.

We want Stapelstein® to accompany you not just for a few weeks, but for many years.
We promise you that Stapelstein® products, when used safely and responsibly, will provide you with more movement in your everyday life for many years to come.

We recommend Stapelstein® elements for children from the age of one.

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