Discover colors, time, sound, numbers, and letters in a whole new way.
Stapelstein® Inspire combines the possibilities of the digital world with physical play – the perfect addition to your Stapelstein® elements!

Curious? Why not try it for yourself! It’s free and ad-free for iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets.

What are your favorite colors?

Choose the colors of your Stapelstein® elements or simply pick your favorite colors.

Which number do you think comes next?

Expand your games with randomly selected numbers and change the display. What do 572 squares actually look like stacked up?

What does 20 seconds feel like?

Visualize time in a whole new way. Can you color in the whole screen?

Which letter is hiding behind my finger?

There’s a randomly generated letter behind each tap.

What sounds come to mind?

Fill the app with your sounds. Record a scream, a noise, a song, or anything else you can think of.