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Caret Down

Introducing Stapelstein® Inside, a modular play system designed to expand the possibilities of play for children of all ages, and the newest addition to the Stapelstein® family. Inside’s nesting elements fit perfectly on the interior of our Stapelstein® Original elements, opening up endless creative play possibilities. All while adding a pop of color and design to any room.

From stacking and balancing to engaging in sound and water play, Stapelstein® Inside is the perfect tool for igniting the senses, encouraging social interaction and fostering a child’s development. With Stapelstein® Inside, children can explore and thrive in a rich world of play, both physically and imaginatively.


Caret Down
  • Safe stacking elements: no sharp corners or edges, water-, saliva- and UV-resistant 
  • Stapelstein® Inside elements can support up to 110 lb in weight 
  • Dimensions Stapelstein® Inside:  
  • Inside S: Weight = 12 g, Diameter = 93.5 mm, Height = 42.2 mm 
  • Inside M: Weight = 38.4 g, Diameter = 155.6 mm, Height = 66.1 mm 
  • Inside L: Weight = 70.8 g, Diameter = 211.1 mm, Height = 87.6 mm 
  • Stapelstein® elements are made of eco-friendly EPP (expandable polypropylene) 
  • Is compatible with all Stapelstein® products 
  • Color of the actual products may differ from that on the screen, due to lighting conditions during product photography and different screen settings. 

Play safely

Caret Down

If you want to use Stapelstein® products for balance games and for courses, it is best to do so on a level and non-slip surface. Stack the Stapelstein® elements only as high as you feel safe. We recommend that you stack a maximum of 3 elements if you want to climb a tower on foot.

Products from Stapelstein® are waterproof and can be taken into the water. However, they do not replace a buoyancy aid! Young children must be supervised when playing in the water with products from Stapelstein®.

Pointed objects and surfaces such as scissors, stones, knives, nails, wire or small pointed children's teeth can leave permanent marks on Stapelstein® products. Particularly severe damage can affect the stability.

Maximum load Stapelstein® Original: 396 lbs
Maximum load Stapelstein® Board: 264 lbs
Maximum load Stapelstein® Inside: 110 lbs

Download instructions here

Made in Germany

Inside rainbow
Inside rainbow
Caret Down

Educationally valuable

Indoor & outdoor

Free from pollutants

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Nicolas Lee
We love Stapelsteins!!

These have been played with everyday since we received them,inside and outside the possibilities are endless and our kids are having so much fun using their imagination

Lauren M
My son loves them!

All of these are fantastic, my son loves them and finds endless ways to play with them.

Amazing toy for endless play possibilities!

I am a big fan of toys that lend themselves to open-ended play. It allows my daughter to be creative & there's no wrong way to play with Stapelstein (as long as they're being safe of course :) )! My daughter got an original Stapelstein set + board for Christmas & has been loving playing with them pretty much every day. So when the new Inside set came out, I knew it would be a great birthday present as an addition to her current set. And I was right, she loves them too! Highly recommend - so ligh, but extremely sturdy!



Great addition!

We already had the original Stapelstein stones in pastel and was so excited when the inside set was released and bought right away. Our 2.5yo and 9month kids love them and use daily - be it to step and climb on, use as drums, little boats in the bath, hats, spinning chairs, whatever they come up with. The quality is exceptional and they weigh next to nothing all while supporting the weight of climbing children. We will be interested in further product launches and are considering getting anything set of the original set. We are looking forward to taking them with us on camping trips and see what creative ways to play we can discover out in nature! Thank you Stapelstein!

How to use

The products allow children to experience the things they love most: stacking, jumping, balancing, and building. The colorful and aesthetic elements can transform any room into an adventure playground, an obstacle course or a fantasy world.

We also have 7 game ideas with Inside to get you started!

Download Inside Games

Combine the creative game with other Stapelstein® elements. For example, build a movement path from Insides, Originals and Boards and balance over the different sized elements. There are many possibilities in the interaction of the Stapelstein® products.

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