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Stapelstein® You

Yes, you have the option to pick as many as you would like. If you decide to go with 3 or 6 you can save a small amount but if you want more or less then the options offered you can select 1 and purchase each color individually.

Our shipping team meticulously picks and packs each custom order. While we aim for prompt dispatch, please understand that this personalized process may require an additional day. Generally, your order will ship within one to two business days except during the holiday season.

Stapelstein® instructions for use

Free play and free movement development are the two main pillars of the pedagogically valuable Pikler philosophy, on which we strongly orient ourselves. Therefore, there are no set instructions. Even the youngest children are invited to try out movement and to have all kinds of experiences with their own bodies in free play. This includes, for example, climbing on the Stapelstein® Original, sitting in the bowl and spinning, holding up the Stapelstein® elements, knocking them over, building new play worlds, turning them over, filling them, carrying them around, and much more. 

Through their imagination, children keep discovering new features of the Stapelstein® Original and the Stapelstein® Board and grow through the challenges. We recommend ages one and older, since even the youngest discover free play and the accompanying free movement without specific instructions.

This always depends on the age of the child and the desired use. However, our best seller is  Stapelstein® Original rainbow which is great to start with at home. In Stapelstein® Original rainbow you will receive six colorful Stapelstein® Originals, offering you a variety of play options. The Stapelstein® Board can be purchased as set called Stapelstein® Original rainbow Set or it can be purchased as an individual element. With it, there are more great possibilities to use the Stapelstein® Originals, for example as an ergonomic stool for the desk or for particularly challenging balance courses. The more elements the more fun you can have with everyone.

All Stapelstein® elements can be combined with each other.

Our product portfolio is constantly growing and we can always add more colors to the store. Which color would you like to see? Feel free to send us an email with your feedback and inspiration. Subscribe to our newsletter here to never miss a product launch.

When developing the Stapelstein® elements, we deliberately decided against slip nubs or similar. These would limit the play ideas and the possible applications. In addition, the recycling process would be limited.  

On slippery floors, the Stapelstein® elements can start to slip. Slipping occurs when the elements are stepped on hastily or on one side. A carpet, a kind of yoga mat or stepping on them from above prevents slipping.

Adult supervision is always recommended, please refer to our safety regulations.

Stapelstein® philosophy

The family environment of Stapelstein® founder Stephan is characterized by educators. Therefore, during his design studies, he dealt intensively with pedagogical issues and realized that too little attention is paid to a fundamental need of children: the natural urge to move. Since then, Stephan has been working on solution-oriented ideas that create incentives for movement within existing living environments.

We love to invent games together. We start with a basic idea and throw a ball into an upside-down Stapelstein® Original. After a short time, the ideas bubble up and soon a completely new game is created. An example for you: "Throw the ball into the Stapelstein® Original while balancing on one leg or for every missed throw you add a movement difficulty. Missing once means standing on one leg, missing a second time adds arm raising to balance, etc." In our offices, we do not sit on rigid chairs. We sit individually low or high on dynamic stools or stand on the Stapelstein® board at the standing workstation. As a result, we are constantly on the move in our daily lives. 

You can find some ideas on how to use the Stapelstein® elements in our Stapelstein® Play Cards as well as on our instagram account.

Respect for our environment accompanies us in every decision. Not only in private, but also in corporate actions. The Stapelstein® Original and Stapelstein® Board are produced in a climate-neutral way. Through the innovative foaming process with pure water vapor, we achieve a saving of 96% raw material. In addition, for us, the long-term usability of a product is a very important key to sustainable added value. As early as the design process, we ensure that our product portfolio has a timeless appearance, is multifunctional in use and durable, and can ultimately be 100% recycled. This is how a sustainable cycle works for us.

With our company, we would like to make a sustainably valuable contribution to promoting children's physical activity. With Stapelstein® we want to contribute to a noticeable change in our sedentary world towards more liveliness in child-friendly living spaces.

Stapelstein® product information

The Stapelstein® Original and the Stapelstein® Board are 100% manufactured in Germany. This allows us to guarantee quality and a environmentally friendly, fair and climate-neutralized production.

The Stapelstein® Original and Stapelstein® Board are made of resource-saving Expanded Polypropylene (EPP). The plastic is 100% recyclable and also free of blowing agents, plasticizers or other additives. The elements in mint and black contain some recycled material.

The EPP used has an insulating property. Therefore, it feels warm even in a cold environment.

The Stapelstein® Originals and the Stapelstein® Boards can be used outside in the same way as inside. Coarse dirt can be removed with clear water and a brush. After contact with water, we recommend placing the elements individually so that they can dry. Please note: Especially light colors are more susceptible to dirt, which may be difficult to remove.

Yes! Both the Stapelstein® Original and the Stapelstein® Board are pure, food safe and certified. They are free of propellants, plasticizers and any other additives. 

We point out in our warnings that pointed and sharp objects can leave permanent marks in the elements. This includes, for example, small, pointed teeth. The Stapelstein® Original and the Stapelstein® Board are free of propellants, plasticizers and any other additives, therefore there is no health risk. These are only small "blemishes". The material retains its stability.

You can find specific game ideas and inspiration in our Stapelstein® Play Cards and in our Stapelstein® App (free for iOS and Android). All details about the basic functions of the Stapelstein® Original can be found here.

The Stapelstein® Original is 6,34 oz light and can withstand up to 396 lbs. The Stapelstein® Board is 9,45 oz light and can withstand up to 264 lbs.

All elements are water repellent and weather resistant. The material was tested on 60 sunny summer days at an air temperature of 77°F and humidity of 50%. Due to UV resistance, the color remains after exposure to the sun.  

EPP is a living material. Nevertheless, we advise not to store the Stapelstein® Originals as well as the Stapelstein® Boards permanently outdoors or wet areas for several years. After playing outdoors, we recommend placing them individually so they can dry completely. Whether indoor or outdoor, Stapelstein® brings movement into your life at any time of the year.

Stapelstein® account

Here you can create a new account or click on the small figure in the upper right corner. To sign up for an Account, all you need is an email address. 

As soon as you have placed an order your account will be created automatically. You can log in anytime by using the access code, that you received via e-mail.

To sign up for an Account, all you need is an email address. 

To register in the store, click on the small figure in the upper right corner. A window will open where you can enter your email address. You will then receive an access code from us by mail, which you need to log in and you can see all your orders at a glance.

Shipping and returns

As soon as your order has been processed, we will send you an email. You will receive the shipment notification with the tracking link from us. 

Within the US we ship free of charge from a purchase value of $200. For orders up to $100 we charge $4.75 shipping cost. For orders up to $200 we charge $9.75 shipping. You can find an overview of all other shipping costs here: Shipping costs

The estimated delivery time (within the US) is 4-5 days and can also be found in the product description. 

As soon as your package leaves our warehouse, you will receive an email with a tracking number.

To start a return you will need to contact our Customer Support team via email at info@stapelstein.com. Please send your order number and a reason for a return and they will email you a return label. For more information visit our Refund policy page.

As soon as we receive the return, we will refund your money. In order to further improve our product, we would be pleased to hear from you why you would like to return the Stapelstein® product.

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