Memorial Day Promo

Unlock summer fun with over 15% off our NEW super confetti elements!

Available exclusively from May 20th to June 2nd

Welcome Stapelstein® super confetti!

Get ready for a burst of color with our new super confetti elements! Picture all 12 vibrant hues from our rainbow palette blending together in one Original element or balance board, creating a dazzling display of unique patterns and combinations. Each element is a one-of-a-kind confetti creation, adding a lively and playful touch to your Stapelstein collection. For a limited time choose from 3 of our Super Confetti promo bundles to celebrate summer.

Memorial Day Promotion

Our Stapelstein® Super Confetti Set includes (1 Original super confetti + 1 Board super confetti) at the bundle price of $74.95

Our Super Confetti Rainbow Set includes (1 Original Rainbow + 1 FREE Stapelstein Board Super confetti) in your choice of Classic or Pastel at the price of $199 , a savings of almost 20% off.

Our Super Confetti Complete includes (1 Original rainbow + 1 Original super confetti + 1 FREE Board super confetti) at the price of $229.

The Stapelstein® Super Confetti Rainbow Sets will be available at a discounted price during May 20th-June 2nd.

Yes, our new super confetti color will be replacing our confetti classic and pastel variations of the boards and the original elements.