Introducing Stapelstein® Inside: the latest addition to the Stapelstein® Collection!

Introducing Stapelstein® Inside, a modular play system designed to expand the possibilities of play for children of all ages, and the newest addition to the Stapelstein® family. Inside’s nesting elements fit perfectly on the interior of our Stapelstein® Original elements, opening up endless creative play possibilities. All while adding a pop of color and design to any room.

From stacking and balancing to engaging in sound and water play, Stapelstein® Inside is the perfect tool for igniting the senses, encouraging social interaction and fostering a child’s development. With Stapelstein® Inside, children can explore and thrive in a rich world of play, both physically and imaginatively.

“At the core of Stapelstein Original, Inside is the heartbeat. Its open core is what makes it truly special, representing the wonderful and unique potential inherent in every human being. The crucial aspect of Inside is the empty space within, a canvas for the inspiration, imagination, and creativity of children that brings this product to life”

Stephan Schenk - designer and founder

Water music

Just like Originals and Boards, Inside is great for water play in the bathtub, pool or ocean. The three different sizes give you a triad of different sounds when you place them on the water with the wavy side down. Listen to the amazing sounds of the water orchestra.


Due to the different sizes of the Inside elements, you can make movement and balance games even more varied. With Inside, the sense of balance is promoted in a playful way according to ability and development level. You want to bring even more dynamics into the moving game? Combine the balance game with the Stapelstein® Board.

Color, number and counting games

Stapelstein® Inside elements give children hands-on experience with colors, numbers, and quantities. How many pieces fit into the largest element and how many fit into the smallest? Mathematical calculations can be visualized. Children learn with all their senses and store the information faster and more sustainably. Being active also makes learning much more fun.

Nesting and stacking

Inside comes with three differently sized elements. That's why they are perfect for basic games that involve nesting and stacking according to size. With the set of six, you can create even more variety by shuffling around the additional colors. Try a wiggle tower and vary by alternately stacking elements with round and wavy edges.

Stapelstein® Inside

We recommend Stapelstein® Inside, just like all other Stapelstein® elements, for children over one year.

The Stapelstein® Inside elements can bear a maximum load of 50 kg.

Stapelstein® Inside, Original and Board can be perfectly combined and enrich each other in free play. The largest element of Stapelstein® Inside fits exactly inside a Stapelstein® Originals.

Please note, however, the convex side of the Boards cannot be connected to Inside elements.

The Stapelstein®Inside elements can be used outside in the same way as inside. After playing, they can be cleaned with a brush, water and, if necessary, soap. Put them to dry best individually in the sun.

Just like Originals and Boards, Inside is also ideal for water games in the bathtub, pool or sea. Due to the three different sizes, if you place it with the wave-like side on the water, you get a triad with different sounds. Listen to the water orchestra and be amazed.

Please note: Stapelstein® elements are not buoyancy aids.

Coarse dirt can be removed with clear water and a brush. After contact with water, we recommend placing the elements individually so that they can dry. Please note: Especially light colors are more susceptible to stubborn dirt, which may be difficult to remove.

Just like the Stapelstein®Original and the Stapelstein®Board , Stapelstein® Inside is produced in a climate-neutralized process near Chemnitz (Germany). The resource-saving plastic EPP is used as the material here.

"Inside is the core of Stapelstein® Original."

Stephan, designer and founder of Stapelstein®

Customers feedback

I use Stapelstein® Inside in my toddler groups and during toddler gymnastics. The stones are really incredibly well received by the minis, can be used in many ways and ecourage creative play. I wouldn't want to do without them! For me, the Stapelstein® with Inside are now really round.

Stapelstein® are the ideal toy for children - it is so incredible how creative they become with it. To collect fruit as a bowl, with in the pool as a boat for the non-swimmers cuddly toys or to balance on it - just a great thing. The INSIDE are so great for the smallest of the family, now he can also splash with them in one hand due to the size, also splash with them, play and romp or simply build small towers. They are not only particularly light and stable also visually a real eye-catcher. I would always fall back on it - my two children are just incredibly creative with the colorful stones. Great toy for head - balance and creativity

Our son loves this product, it has application bounded only by imagination and helps solidify motor skills, balance, and patience!

My kids (4, 2) love these. Always coming up with new ways to play. The number of uses is endless. Everything from hats for dress up to "the floor is lava". They even started using them as "air hockey" pucks on our tile floor. They keep coming back to them, when most other toys have become stale. Our favorite purchase from last year.