Missy Montessory - Marissa Frisk (Newtown, CT)

At Missy Montessori, Stapelstein makes our day a different color, every day. The elements and boards are extraordinary in inspiring imagination and creativity among our children between 3 and 5 years old. (There are infinite ways we can use Stapelstein elements and invent captivating stories for the kids, transforming every moment into a rich learning experience.

Primarily, we use Stapelstein elements outdoors. Their durability is unmatched—they don’t get ruined even with regular, enthusiastic use. Cleaning them up is super easy, and they are designed to last for years to come. One of the most memorable moments was when my child showed me how he learned to remember each color thanks to Stapelstein. By hopping on each element, he could easily recall the color names, making the learning process fun and engaging. This playful interaction shows how linked language development and sensory input are. Stapelstein turns abstract concepts like color recognition into tangible, enjoyable activities.

At Missy Montessori, the children’s creativity knows no bounds with Stapelstein. They often use the elements as hats, embracing imaginative play as wizards preparing potions by filling the bowls with water. The elements are also stacked as high as possible, challenging the kids’ balancing skills and spatial awareness.

Additionally, the wobble board adds an extra layer of fun, helping children develop their balance and coordination. Stapelstein has become an essential part of our learning tools at Missy Montessori. Its durability, versatility, and ability to inspire creativity make it an outstanding addition to our school. Every day, the children discover new ways to play and learn, making each day colorful and memorable. With Stapelstein, the possibilities are endless, and we look forward to many more exciting moments.