Homeschooling - Leah Walsh (Delmar, NY)

At our educational center, Stapelstein has become our go-to tool for engaging children in activities that are both fun and stimulating. Used twice daily, Stapelstein elements and boards have seamlessly integrated into the daily routines of our children, who range in age from 3 to 6  years old. One of the remarkable features of Stapelstein is the versatility and durability. 

The robust design ensures that they withstand all sorts of weather, making them a reliable part of our outdoor activities. Indoors, Stapelstein elements transform into tools for various educational games. Children love using them to create obstacle courses, which help develop their physical coordination and motor skills.

Additionally, they practice letters and numbers with the boards, making learning a dynamic and interactive experience. Stapelstein is more than just an educational tool; it’s a catalyst for imagination and creativity. Children use them to collect insects, worms, and treasures, turning a simple playtime into an exciting discovery session. The elements serve as soup pots, hats, seats, and even stepping stools over big puddles. The list of possibilities is endless. A group of children even embarked on a creative culinary adventure. They used the elements to make “chocolate,” first finding “cacao beans” (small objects they discovered under a rotting stump). They ground these ‘“beans’” with water, crafting a game that was elaborate and spanned several days. This activity not only entertained them but also taught them about the basics of food preparation and teamwork.

Whether indoors or outdoors, in rain or shine, Stapelstein supports a wide range of developmental skills in young children, making every day an adventure.